Member of Management

Job description:

Sportium is 300 employees who are a step ahead. They are dedicated people who are not afraid of challenges and who want to share their passion with their colleagues as much as their customers. Sportium is also a leader with a unique vision of retail and one clear objective: to offer more choices and brands in the largest sports store in Quebec.

As a member of management, you will act as leader by inspiring and guiding your team so that the store’s objectives are met. You make sure that everything is done in the most efficient way possible in order for your employees to be able to serve their customers without worrying about anything else!

In this position, you will not be bored. You will work alongside the other members of the management team. Your days will be full as you will take charge of the following responsibilities:

  • Guide, encourage and hold your employees accountable;
  • Make sure that everything is in place to ensure the best-quality customer service;
  • Participate in reaching the store’s financial objectives by proposing action plans related to sales, cost management, and logistics;
  • Be the “go-to” person for everything concerning the store, our products, and procedures at Sportium;
  • Participate in the training and the orientation of new team members, leading them on the path to success;
  • Take part in a multitude of activities, whether it is merchandising, preparing for promotions, inventory counts, or managing stock.

Your impact in the world of sports has made you someone who:

  • understands retail and its challenges, taking into account your past experience, and always prioritizes the customer;
  • is a natural leader in team settings or groups you have been a part of;
  • is recognized as someone reliable;
  • has developed sound judgment and does not hesitate to make decisions thanks to your problem-solving skills;
  • can juggle many projects simultaneously;
  • likes to communicate in a clear, and straightforward manner and expects the same from others.
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